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Donate - Amazon Wish List

Support Norman College by buying something off of our Amazon Wish list! Maintenance, room service, and things of importance are listed on our Amazon wish list along with some other needs and wants that will continually help improve our facilities.

The wish list will constantly be updated as things are donated and new needs are added.

How it Works

If you have an amazon account, it will automatically open our wish list for you where you can then purchase anything you'd like to support us with. Some of the items are marked as highest (greater importance) and others say how many of that particular item we need. After you add the items to your cart, be sure to mark our address before you buy the items. Feel free to pick and choose what you'd like to support us with!

Address: 4243 US 319 N, Norman Park, Georgia, 31771, USA

Thank you for your donations!


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