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Orion Christian Academy

Orion Christian Academy is a multi-faceted quality education program combining academic excellence, spiritual growth, and community service. Our goal is to prepare young people to meet the challenges of life – not just school.

School Kids

Orion Christian Academy is founded on the belief that education must be experienced. It is not a series of mindless assignments or meaningless classes. Instead, education is the life-changing transformation of a mind from ignorance to understanding; the sacred study of God’s creative masterpieces; and the chronicles of His hand in the lives of humankind.

Image by Kimberly Farmer

Education needs are as individual as the student. Some of our enrollment options include online homeschool, textbook homeschool, and Christian/Private schools in select locations like Norman Park, GA.

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Orion Christian Academy gladly welcomes donations. Your generous contribution allows us to offer quality, God-centered education opportunities to children from low-income families who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. Your donation is appreciated!

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